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“Worked with Doors ‘n’ More on the Hellman Development project, near the Auckland Airport and once again really enjoyed working with their team. During this project and others we have found Doors ‘n More to be very co-operative and helpful working through all onsite issues. Have never had issues with them in regards to supplying on time as they are very pro-active.”
Macrennie Commercial Construction

“As both a customer of, and a supplier to, Doors ‘n’ More we have gained a ‘double sided’ perspective. Their friendly and experienced team are right on the mark with their first class service and attention to detail making Doors ‘n’ More a superb business partner and a pleasure to do business with.”
David Miller  |  New Zealand Fire Doors
RCC No background-699
“One issue we have as Quantity Surveyors are the quotes we receive. Often they have items missing, are not to a standard form and are hard to understand. Doors ‘n’ More send us quotes that are accurate and easy to read, they include the entire scope of the project and are well set out making it so easy to understand, and adjust when required. I have always found Doors ‘n’ More to be very professional and helpful in their approach, and would recommend them to other contractors.”
Jeff Bird  |  Robert Cunningham Construction

“Having a great supplier is like having a great employee. Doors ‘n’ More have become like a part of KPH Construction by ensuring that their quotes are accurate, well set out and easy to understand. When it comes to site that accuracy is continued. What I love the best is when they say thank you. They send Cheesecakes which are delicious.”
John Whitlow  |  KPH Construction
We have been working with Doors ‘n’ More for about 5 years now and are constantly impressed with their level of service and quality of product. The team all hold to the same values and work ethics which makes it an easy transition to and from personnel during each project. I always enjoy the cheesecakes that come too.
Shannon Steen  |  Aspec Construction

“There is a great team at Doors ‘n’ More, always cheerful and ready to help. Order details are quickly and efficiently sorted and they are not afraid to ask questions to make sure they have things correct. For us they are our Number 1 supplier of interior timber doors and advice.”
Timberworld Warkworth
Accuracy, accountability and communication are key to making sure a project goes smoothly and finishes on time. On a project for Countdown in Papatoetoe, Doors ‘n’ More delivered on all these qualities. I would recommend Doors ‘n’ More not just as a subcontractor/supplier but also as a partner.
Richard Herangi  |  Legacy Construction

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